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Entry for August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008


Yesterday I had my last dip in the lake this year. The weather forcast says we are in for several days of rain and low (for this time of the year) temperatures. The oven-hot breath of the steppes is gone. The beach is deserted, the open windows and doors in the apartment are closed too- they were open day and night to compensate for the absense of air-conditioners, and strong draughts were blowing all through the rooms.

My vacation has almost come to an end: I am returning to my office desk on September 2: one day was added by the personnel department due to Independence Day — a national holiday which is not included in the vacation.

Long ago I was starting with many “first” things: my first book, first day at school, first letters written in a copybook. It looks like with the vacation which is finishing I’m facing the countdown of things that are going to be “last:” last corporate party, last day in the office, last salary… Anyway, this vacation comes FIRST in the list of things which are going to be LAST.

Entry for August 25, 2008

August 25, 2008


My country has gained independence, but there thrive corruption of state officials, villainy of relationships, narrow-mindedness of intellectuals, aggressiveness of half-literate villagers, enmity and antagonism among politicians, bitterness towards everything and everybody, insolence of those whom some time ago you knew as quite approachable and ready to help, and there’s also money-grubbing, covetousness, egotism…

There thrive corruption of state officials, villainy of…, narrow-mindedness, enmity, etc, etc, but…

My American friend says that it took the U.S.A. about a hundred years to stabilize its democracy after it had won its independece, and probably another 100 years for the democracy to mature

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