My son, who works in England, travelled all the way from the North of the country to London to have his passport renewed at the Ukrainian Embassy. At the Embassy he was told that the new passport could not be issued because “the printer is out of work”.

A seemingly unrelated case took place in a sleepy Ukrainian hollow where a drunken parliamentarian murdered a local person. The case surfaced and started being discussed widely in the media only because there were two competing factions in Parliament and the parliamentarian in question belonged to one of them.  However, law-enforcing bodies – instead of apprehending the culprit – did their best to get him off the hook. At the moment the murderer is in hiding.

In actual fact, the two cases have one common basis: the “upper crust’s”  ostentatious disdain to ordinary people and the disregard of the people’s needs and afflictions.  It’s a clear loss of standards of what is right or just. The absence of moral. A sign of society’s disintegration.

What may be the recipe? To carry one’s own weapon for self-defense… Or to come to the Embassy with one’s own printer…


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