My good acquaintance emailed me an invitation to join Facebook. After giving the positive answer and chain-adding some more mutual acquaintances as friends , I found myself in a virtual community of the people whom I had known some time ago but who  later left the closely-knit team  mainly for reasons of moving out to other countries – their home countries or foreign ones, as the case could be. Facebook was my first experience of social networking and I really liked it: the continuous kaleidoscope of micro-messages and the photos uploaded by the people I know so well gave the feeling of deja-vu and were at variance with the vicissitudes of the present-day life.

The re-established community was not exactly a replica of the former group: some new people joined time and again, until one of the old-timers warned everybody against consenting to the membership of a certain Somebody (the name was also given). The communication with the Somebody could destroy your data on the hard-disk.

I have paraphrased the English proverb, saying to myself that no silver lining can go without a darker cloud. It has always been so: Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, a plus and a minus, high and low… Hegel’s dialectic of opposites as the source of development seems to be opportune and to the point here. Eventually, this blog post would hardly have emerged if it had not been for the old-timer’s warning to beware of the Somebody:-)


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