Our granddaughter, aged 11 months and 20 days, has arrived in Ukraine. This is her first visit to the land where her parents were born. Her grandparents (yours truly and his wife) had seen little Sophijka only via Skype. She was asleep in a buggy when her elder sister, who had also come with her, rolled her into the Arrivals hall at the Terminal F of Boryspil Airport. Sophia’s comparatively young age and the fact that she was asleep in her baby carriage, brought tangible dividends to all those who were associated with her at the time of the arrival – like going through passport and customs control without queuing up, the supply of a taxi-cab, etc. A true VIP welcome, that’s what I call it!

Sophia woke up when the taxi was shooting ahead towards the city.  She woke up and… she smiled at me. Do you know many people who would wake up and smile at a complete stranger? I would like to possess the same feeling of security and to be positive towards the world in the same way.

Now Sophia is asleep. No wonder – she has traveled from one end of Europe to the other and must be sort of tired. Her tiny dinner chair remains fixed to the lid of our kitchen table, while her tomorrow’s breakfast (a banana and an orange) is ready for her. After breakfast Sophia will travel again – this time by bus – to further explore the land of her ancestors, her Land of Promise.

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