It looks as if the adverb far relates to its synonym a long way (from) as the adverbs much/many and their equivalent a lot of relate to each other: far is used mainly in negative and interrogative sentences while a long way — in affirmative ones: Do you live far from the center of the town? — Yes, I live a long way from it.

The adverb yet, when used in questions, is close to already in the same position — the difference being that yet refers to something expected and already expresses a kind of surprise. The situation in the classroom: a teacher gave students some time to write a short essay. After a minute she sees a student not writing. She says: “Have you already finished?” After 15 minutes she addresses the whole class: “Have you finished yet?”

In colloquial speech adverbs are often used in the form of adjectives: It sounds real good, Is he hurt bad? He speaks terrible, he walks too slow, etc. The same may be observed in advertisements with big: Think big! Save big! etc


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