The present-day Ukrainian president claims he wrote his PhD dissertation when he was the governor of Donetsk region. Those people who have ever worked at their dissertations will know that it is a shameless lie. An effective governorship and a successful presentation of the dissertation can hardly be combined.

About two weeks ago a Ukrainian correspondent interviewed President Yanukovych about his book “Opportunity Ukraine” published in Austria in English. The briefing was a specially orchestrated show-off. The honey-mouthed journalist asked Yanukovych obsequiously when the book had been written. Yanukovych said he started writing it when he was still in political opposition and finished as a president already.

However, journalists have found out that “Opportunity Ukraine” was plagiairized. The proofs are convincing: parallel original (with the sources indicated) and translated (into English) versions are posted on the website of “Ukraiyinska Pravda” (http://www.pravda.com.ua/articles/2011/09/2/6553198/)

The Ukrainian government keeps reiterating that Ukraine is oriented towards Western Europe – with the prospect of becoming a part of the European Union some time in the future. But what kind of Union will welcome a country where laws – including the Law on Intellectual Property – are flagrantly broken?


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