This restaurant chain boasts of its presence in three major cities of Ukraine. In Kyiv there are seven such restaurants. Besides serving meals, the restaurant offers entertainment of questionable standards – like “hot ladies parties” starting from 10 p.m. I have never been to that restaurant and, hopefully, will never be. On the other hand, if there are people who prefer such locations, they are probably free to attend them. What depresses me, however, is its name – MAFIA. I realize perfectly well that the owners of the restaurant chain could have selected this name only because they knew it would be accepted by society as something which is rather normal and not offensive at all. The owners could have chosen any other name of the kind – Contract Killers, for example. Or Thieves, or Muggers, etc. Everything would be stomached!

The restaurant’s advertisement is put up in the biggest shopping malls of Kyiv. Every time I see it, I think about how much the bar of what I call “social sensibility” has been lowered. People cease to possess the capacity of receiving societal impressions, they stop being socially minded. They lose empathy. They are not hurt by what may be painful to their neighbor – by such names including.


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