For the French artist 3ttman (Louis Lambert), who lives in Spain, travel remains a necessity. He thinks it’s fundamental to getting to know other cultures, ways of expression, colours, smells…He’s interested in confronting other societies with his work and his Western perspective.

At present he is in Kyiv painting a mural on a building in Urytsky Street which is in the centre of the city. A young man who is trying to get across to the Kyivans the beauty of his art, which they erroneously called graffiti, is surprisingly unassuming during his interview. When I saw his painting I was amazed at how much his style resembles that of Maria Prymachenko, a Ukrainian representative of “naive”, or “primitive” art. Maria Prymachenko was born into a peasant family in 1909 and died at age 89. The year 2009 was announced by UNESCO the year of Maria Prymachenko. There’s a legend here that Pablo Picasso spoke highly of her talent. All the time she lived in her village of Bolotnya. She had never been invited to any of the European capitals to paint murals.


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