Tell me what you are afraid of and I’ll tell you who you are. Businessmen are nervous about their profit, drivers are afraid of accidents, pedestrians take care while crossing streets, ordinary people are worried about rising prices, farmers are concerned about the future harvest, etc., etc. What are the fears of the high and mighty in politics?

Commenting on the recent protests in Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich said that the public is arming itself with weapons to topple the government. “They want to disrupt the financial stability in Ukraine, to disrupt the political stability and go to the streets with pitchforks,” said he. “I learned from law enforcement agencies that arms are being bought and armed attacks on government agencies are being prepared.” Yanukovich’s paranoia seems to be deepening. Since taking over as president in 2010, Yanukovych has built a five-meter high fence around his vast multimillion-dollar Mezhyhirya estate north of Kyiv. His traveling entourage includes tractors and trucks to block side roads when he is traveling from home downtown to his office, aside from the normal presidential security detail. He insulates himself more frequently from contact with the people he represents, undoubtedly sensing his current unpopularity. The Ukrainian Security Service is winning loyalty points by feeding the President with stories about planned attempts to assassinate him. The purpose of such unfounded claims is to return to a police state that curtails civil liberties.

Some politicians suggest that Yanukovich should undergo a psychiatric examination, and that should be done IMMEDIATELY, otherwise it may be too late. The reprisals of the 1930’s in the U.S.S.R launched by Joseph Stalin, who was suffering from paranoid fear, began under the same pretext.

 The other day my wife and I were talking with our son’s family via Skype. We were told about how much our granddaughter Sophia had enjoyed the last Halloween – the scary costumes, pumpkins with candles inside them, etc. The son said that Sophia is a fearless girl. “She is afraid of nothing”, he said.



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