How are the things in the pictures (two books and a concrete structure) connected with each other? As for the books, the link is clear: both of them, The Yellow Prince by Vasyl Barka and Maria by Ulas Samchuk , are about the genocide of the Ukrainians in 1933, also known as Holodomor, the Great Famine, the Ukrainian Holocaust. The artificial famine, in which some 7-10 million people died, was engineered by Moscow. Both writers were witnesses to the tragedy and described it in graphic detail. Being realistic to the extent that makes them almost documentary, the two books are, nevertheless, samples of great literary and aesthetic value. There no other books in Ukrainian literature which would give a more vivid and impressive presentation of that national tribulation.
Unless you view it from modernistic positions, the monument can hardly be called aesthetic. The matter is that it stands unfinished. It was founded several years ago in the central Ukrainian town of Kirovohrad as a memorial to the victims of the Great Famine. After the pro-Russian government came to power in Ukraine, the construction was stopped at the stage seen in the picture. As a rare visitor to the town, I didn’t know what the structure was about, so I had to spend quite some time to find it out. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), not many people in the town knew about it.
Last December I read on the Internet that The Yellow Prince  and Maria are no longer on the list of required literature in high schools. It’s another answer to the question asked in the beginning .


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