Thousands of fans and those who were hired by scalpers to buy the phones for further re-selling were queuing all night in freezing temperatures in Beijing to purchase the latest Apple model – iPhone 4S. Being afraid that the sale would get out of control, the administration of the Apple store didn’t open the shop in the morning. The indignant crowd started throwing eggs at the shop-windows, scuffles followed and the police cordoned off the store.
There are oodles of examples when people are led in their actions by greed and vanity. With IT-technology the example is even more vivid because of the clearer distinction between the high-tech achievements and low morality. The other day I watched a documentary about a person affected by the disease of macrosomia, or gigantism. The development of the person’s heart, lungs and other parts didn’t catch up with the anomalous growth of the body and the person eventually died. The first warning bell for mankind rang, probably, in the first half of the 20th century when the inventions and discoveries, like electricity, telephone, aviation and nuclear power didn’t prevent nations from the two world-wars in which 60 million people were killed. On the contrary, they intensified the massacre. The April of 1986 was the second alert message.  When I was watching  the faces on the video from China, as they were distorted with rage, I thought that, morally, mankind hasn’t grown a single millimeter higher. It looks like it is terminally ill.


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