Each time when I heard the words of a well-known Russian song about the “blue cold” coming out through the windows, I thought that the word “blue” was no more than an epithet, and withal also hackneyed. Yesterday I discovered that the cold was really blue. It was coming through my balcony window and measured minus 28 degrees Celsius at the moment when I took a picture of it.
Earlier in the afternoon, the frosty Kyiv, with heavy snow on fir-trees in Instytuts’ka Street, was beautiful.
I also visualized to myself how dinosaurs might have become extinct during the “asteroid winter” at the end of the Cretaceous period 60m years ago. The event was unintentionally modeled life-size at the children’s playground nearby.
However, the children preferred the frozen lake: they were sledding downhill. Right there a toddler was feeding pigeons – the descendants of Archaeopteryx (a dinosaur and a bird – two in one).
When I was returning home, it was dead cold in the trolleybus. Hardly warmer than minus 28 degrees. When asked by a passenger why the driver didn’t turn on the heater, the conductor answered that the driver might be very angry with everybody because there had been no wages for drivers since December. The passenger said nothing.


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