It has become warmer: minus 13-14 Celsius in the last two mornings. They are my temperatures — I feel rather comfortable jogging from 7 AM to 8 AM this time. Yesterday I made 5 kilometers, today about 8. Usually I run round a lake nearby: one circle is 950 meters. If you make a couple of detours from the main track and return to it shortly, the circle will lengthen to exactly one kilometer. So, it’s easy to measure the distance covered — you just count the circles and, of course, keep an eye on the watch to “maintain the momentum.”

While making rounds I can see ice swimmers axing ice holes that have frozen over in the night. In Ukrainian winter swimmers are called “walruses.” I would love to swim in the ice hole, but I can’t for health reasons: my skin is allergic to cold water. My daughter suggests that I should categorize myself as a “terrestrial walrus.” Why not?

My wife and I were were talking via Skype with my sister yesterday. The sister said that she had read about physical energy and mental powers of a person being interconnected, and a slow walk of an elderly person may be a sign of reduced intellectual capacity. All right, thought I, and if in the morning I trudge along to work and in the evening return home at a rattling rate, what is it a sign of?


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