Much is being said about the culture wars as a social conflict between those who support the traditional Western (aka European, Christian, family) values and those who attack them. The cultural position of Christian churches as foundation elements of Western society and morals is being removed (cf. the usage of “BCE” instead of “BC” or “Happy Holidays” instead of “Happy Christmas” at Christmas time), traditional family values are subverted (cf. teaching homosexuality as being a “valid alternative lifestyle” to young school children, creating legal barriers for the parental maintenance of reasonable discipline at home), radical feminism is practiced, multiculturalism, political correctness and the affirmative action are enforced, historical heritage is denigrated, crime sympathies are reversed.

When the other day I was filling in a visa application form to enter a European country, I ran into an instruction: If you have more than one spouse or partner, please, provide details. More baffling was another sentence: SEX (male/female): This should be your sex at time of application. At first reading I didn’t understand the sentence. The politically correct ideas seem to have advanced even into the visa application form.

A well known Ukrainian humorist Ostap Vyshnya once wrote a story “If My Granny Rose from the Dead…” The idea was that the present times changed so much that the old woman wouldn’t have understood much about them. In my case, when my grandmother Hanna, who had lived well into her 90s, rose these days, it would take quite some time and effort on the part of her grandson to explain to her the background of some instructions in visa application forms as they are formulated now.



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