On February 23 a rally in support of Vladimir Putin as a presidential candidate was held in Moscow. Besides Muscovites there were thousands of people from other regions of Russia.  Significantly, the rally was organized on Motherland Defender’s Day  (in communist  times known as Day of the Soviet Army and Navy) , and Putin’s speech was permeated with war-like intonations and phrases of the type: “we are a victorious nation”, “gaining victory is programmed in our genes”, “the struggle is going on”  “we don’t need anybody from oversees telling us how to live , etc.” There was a certain “déjà-vu” feeling about all that: I had somewhere seen the same fanatical faces and heard the same hysterical chanting of the multitude supporting one person who was speaking about the exclusiveness of their nation, the necessity to struggle on and who expressed confidence that the struggle would be won.

And then I remembered. It was the film “Ordinary Fascism” by Mikhail Romm. The same fanaticism of thousands of people and the same sadness in my heart.  Those who outstretched their arms being overjoyed at the sight of their god, didn’t know what the end would be. But I knew. And I know now that in the future (10? 20? 50 years from now?) somebody will also be watching this rally with sadness in their heart and with the knowledge of the end.


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