International Women’s Day is differently celebrated in different countries. In some of them the celebration is done in the form of a protest. In others women simply draw public attention to their problems. In Ukraine this day is a cross between Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day being actually devoid of any ideological or political load.

The Ukrainian government has greeted women on ‘their day’, which causes raised eyebrows, to say the least. I can understand the Ukrainian men who use the chance given to them by the German socialist Klara Zetkin when they tell those of the opposite sex, who are their dear, own and close, how much they love them (see the snapshots of Kyiv streets today). But I cannot understand the top officials who send their warm greetings to women, when there is not a single woman in the government, when the President of the country keeps his spouse under factual house-arrest never letting her appear in his presence, when women’s pension will be considerably reduced in the future should they decide on a maternity leave now , when the Ukrainian No 1 woman- politician is serving her 7-year sentence in jail where she got in for no reason at all.


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