The presidents of the US and Ukraine Mr. Obama and Mr. Yanukovych met at a two-day summit on nuclear security in the capital of South Korea, Seoul. It was interesting to see readers’ comments on the meeting. The meeting lasted about 4 minutes. It looks like the presidents didn’t sit down to discuss things. One of the readers sarcastically writes that the meeting might have taken place near a men’s room – implying that during President Yanukovych’s visit to Strasbourg about a year ago Yanukovych’s bodyguards didn’t let Secretary-General of the Council of Europe Torbjørn Jagland into the men’s room because at that moment the Ukrainian president was there.

Another reader says that he has got a shorthand record of this meeting: YANUKOVYCH: “I am is a profffesor.” OBAMA: “Ok, ok…” (another implication: Yanukovich doesn’t speak English or any other foreign language besides Russian, and he is notoriously famous for spelling his scholarly rank “professor” with double “f”).

On a serious note, though: the presidents discussed the nuclear security and the U.S. President expressed gratitude for Ukraine’s cooperation in this matter. But he also drew Yanukovych’s attention to the fact that trials in Ukraine are being held selectively, the political opposition is persecuted and the opposition leaders are imprisoned. Obama’s observation about the trials and the opposition was not mentioned in the Ukrainian official report about the meeting.


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