While getting ready to visit our son’s family in England, my wife is refreshing her English. I advised her to read Agatha Christie’s detective stories: the modern language, lots of suspense, etc. As soon as a story has been read, Lyudmyla tells me the plot, living through it again – together with Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple. In one of the stories there was a portrait on a wall. When a character of the story turned her back on the portrait and looked into the mirror, in which the portrait was reflected, the man in the portrait winked his eye at the character. My wife was telling me this episode after she had been reading the story for some two or three hours. Incidentally, it was almost midnight already –time to go to bed. Lyudmyla rose from her desk, then she looked round and said, “But where’s the book? I put it right here, at my side.” The book wasn’t to be found either on the desk, or on the sofa, or on the floor… We stared at each other. After a pause I asked, “Shall we look into the mirror?”

Today we talked with our granddaughter via Skype. She is two years and one month old, and she is looking forward to meeting her granny. My son’s is a Ukrainian-speaking family, but little Sophia also uses English words and phrases which she picks up from her Yorkshire peers in the playground. For instance, when she stumbles and falls, she may exclaim “Oh, dear” in English. She also knows that a short English word “please” will make adults do anything she asks for. When my wife asked Sophia where her elder sister had disappeared (she had just been in the room), Sophia uttered a monosyllabic “Gone!” Lyudmyla turned to me: “Did you hear? Sophia already knows the third form of verbs!” After the Skype talk was finished, I photocopied a chart with English irregular verbs and their forms, including the Past Participle, which is the third form. It will be a shame, when it turns out that Sophia knows more “third forms” than we do. In the photocopied chart there are 212 verbs, which I think may be enough for the beginning.


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2 Responses to “LEARNING ENGLISH”

  1. Olia Says:

    Have you discovered (the 3d form) the book?
    A nice entry!

  2. vitaliyb Says:

    Yes, Olia, it was found on the bookshelf in the opposite corner of the room. Until now the Mystery of the Misplacement remains unfathomable and impenetrable 🙂 Thanks for following the blog!

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