This spring there are lots of rabbits in the place where our two-year-old granddaughter lives in Britain. So, it was quite natural for her parents to refer to a rabbit when it came down to weaning little Sophia from using a dummy. When she started crying for a pacifier again, her mother said curtly, “A bunny rabbit has taken it.” The explanation was more than convincing: Sophia grew silent and never asked for the dummy again.

Until recently Sophia had slept in a small bed with high sides. A few days ago it was decided that she was big enough for that kind of crib, and the sides were removed.  Sophia was not in the room at the time when her bed was being “upgraded”, neither did anyone tell her about the reason for altering the structure of the bed, or how all that had been done. When somewhat later the au-pair girl, who stays with their family, entered the nursery and saw Sophia sitting in her new bed, she asked, pretending surprise: “Sophie, where are the bed-sides?” Sophia looked at her sternly and said with a sigh, “A bunny ‘as taken it.”


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  1. Hana Says:

    Well..how smart!

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