At Eurovision-2012 in Baku the dust has settled. Loreen from Sweden won the final by a landslide. Her Euphoria beat the Russian Babushki and Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic. Everyone who watched the contest has their own list of winners. On mine the first two are the Babushki and Zeljko Joksimovich. They were true representatives of their countries – by the character of their songs, by musical culture, and – what is a comparatively rare phenomenon these days – by the respect to the audience.

I’m on the side of the voting majority who placed Gaitana as far down as 15th. There was nothing Ukrainian in her song or in her performance. If Gaitana wanted to perform in accordance with the “world standards”, Tina Turner or Ella Fitzgerald are definitely better. In all honesty, it was dull to listen to Gaitana.


But the Babushki were irresistible. Especially the shortest one (who is, probably, the oldest too). They weren’t at all disappointed at having been the second. “If we had won, we would have had to go round Europe with concert tours”, said one of the babushkas. “But with this result we can happily work in our kitchen gardens.” I’m also glad that their participation in Eurovision-2012 made it possible for their villagers to get central water supply. At the moment there is only one television for the whole village. Now some more televisions are promised. And president Putin is going to visit them shortly.


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