Things and people become often more attractive and meaningful when viewed in a broader context. The Earth looks beautiful from space, but a person who finds himself in the center of a natural or man-made disaster in any part of this planet, will hardly agree with the aforementioned beauty. Likewise, in some situations it would be better to have more general knowledge of a person than to be put into possession of their personal data. I was, to some extent, disappointed when the Internet informed the EURO-2012 followers that the six-year-old, who was so genuinely jubilant about the goal scored by the Ukrainian team (see my previous blog), has a concrete name and that his father is a parliamentarian. Two years ago the father changed his original political party affiliation described on the ballot paper at the time he had been elected. Usually, such defections are done in the Ukrainian parliament because a huge sum of money (millions of dollars) has been offered to the defector, and the turncoat receives a bad press. With this knowledge about the father and son, hundreds of Internet comments made a dead set on the boy saying that he will become the same renegade as his dad, or sniping about the price of the tickets for the VIP-box where the boy was sitting.

I keep looking at the boy “from space.” I like his innocence and the spontaneity of his emotion. Besides, what is very meaningful for me, while being interviewed by a Ukrainian-speaking journalist the boy was answering in Ukrainian (his mother wasn’t able to speak it). And what a pretty mistake the boy made! When asked who had scored the goal, he answered it was TARAS Shevchenko (the greatest Ukrainian poet), confusing the name with that of ANDRIY Shevchenko, the top footballer.


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