On its official site the Ministry of Justice in Russia presents a list of  1,271 “extremist publications”  which shall not be reproduced, saved or distributed in any form. For those who violate the regulation criminal liability is established.  Among the prohibited printed matter there are materials about the man-made famine of 1933 in Ukraine (orchestrated by communists), books and articles about the Ukrainian Liberation Movement in 1941-1952, the archives about the activities of the KGB.

All that sounds rather familiar. About 30 years ago your career could be broken (or you could even face a prison term) if you mentioned those millions who had died as a result of the genocidal Holodomor, or if you started being interested in the Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera.

I think the only reason why the Bible is not on the list is that the Russian Orthodox church is performing a political function at the moment: it’s gathering the ex-USSR lands.

Interestingly, the list was first published in 2007. At that time it contained 14 items of banned literature.


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