I ask myself a question: Why is Russia stubbornly denying that it arranged  the Holodomor? An explanation may be found in Genesis 4:9: After Cain had murdered his brother Abel, God asked him where his brother was. Cain answered, “I don’t know, he replied. Am I my brother’s keeper?

Cain’s response to God’s question is insolent, arrogant and hypocritical. Just the same as Russia’s answer. The heart of the murderer is as hardened as it was at the moment of the murder. When Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by a Moscow agent in 2006, the official answer of the FSB (aka KGB) was the same lie:  “Is it our responsibility to know what has happened to him?”

Another question: Why do many countries deny that the Holodomor was a genocide?  Why do some of them refuse even to recognize that the famine was man-made? The reply comes also from Genesis 4:9.  Inwardly the guilt is recognized by the “observers”, but their pride keeps them from assuming responsibility (“Those victims ought to have known this would happen”, or “We had quite a lot to sort out in our own house at that time.”)

… The Holocaust in the 1940s, population transfers on the territory of Poland right after WWII, the Khmer Rouge atrocities in Kampuchea in the 1970s, mass killings of Iraqi Kurds in 1988, ridding of pygmies in the Congo Civil War (1988-2003), genocidal killings committed against Somalia’s Bantu population in the 1990s, the Rwandan Genocide in 1994…  WHERE IS ABEL YOUR BROTHER? …AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER?



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