2013-03-26center of Kyiv1I have always marveled at people’s ability to find niches for their business. The heavy snowfall in Kyiv gave rise to entrepreneurial spirit. This morning I received quite a few emails with offers to find my car in the snow and to dig it out. That is supposed to cost me about 7 USD. Clearing the area in front of my entrance door runs up to 350 hryvnias ($44). Some guys who own tractors commit themselves to clearing a stretch of the road for 400 hryvnias, and should I want the snow to be transported away by a truck, I will have to come down with 600 hryvnias ($75).

Yard-keepers whose job is to clear the snow, are now giving out shovels to people for temporary use (30-40 hryvnias per hour)


Several years ago, with the first wave of the financial crisis, there appeared collection agencies which had been unknown in Ukraine before that time, and whose work, naturally, wasn’t regulated by any laws. The collectors hammered money out of debtors by calling them at any time of the day (often at midnight), by threatening them, etc. Soon after, there mushroomed anti-collectors firms which pledged they would protect you from the collectors… I suspect that the anti-collectors and collectors were the same companies and both kinds of services were delivered by the same staff 🙂

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