2013-03-27business-bWhen I was on my way to work this morning, a middle-aged man stopped me with a question, “Excuse me, do you know if there is any trolleybus service on this route. So far I haven’t seen any trolleybuses.” I explained to the man that trolleybuses might be too “intelligent” for this kind of frozen bumpy roads, which is why after the snowfall two days ago the trolleybuses were taken out of service and replaced by buses. The man nodded his head understandingly. And then he said, “It may be off topic, but… don’t you need a pair of trousers to be made for yourself? I’m a tailor.” – “No, no”, I said, starting to walk again. “I don’t need any.” – “Or, maybe you have some Soviet-manufactured cloth at home?” His voice sounded hopeful behind my back. “Sorry, we haven’t got any”, I smiled to myself.

I remembered a joke about Zygmunt Lewoniewski, the famous Russian pilot of the 1930s, the contemporary of Charles Lindbergh, Valeriy Chkalov, Jimmie Mattern and other no less known aviators. After Lewoniewski  had disappeared in the snows of the Arctic in 1937, all telegrammes related to his rescue were sent in the Soviet Union free of charge. Thus, a telegramme was sent from Kyiv to Vladivostok: „Look for Lewoniewski. In case you don’t find him, buy a hundred meters of cotton cloth.”


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