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May 31, 2013

2013-05-31Urtica_dioicaWhile going along a pathway which led to the river I was stung by nettles. The last time I was “burnt” by that plant might have been more than fifty years ago.  All of a sudden I was brought back into my childhood.  Again I felt swampy earth underfoot, I smelled harsh odour of hemp and saw a jagged skyline of forests, behind which (I knew) there were many other bogs and other forests, but there was also the Big Sea and a beautiful ship under full sail. The ship was groaning and jumping, the lookout  high up in the barrel had just shouted “Land ho!” , the boatswain sounded his pipe, the sailors rushed to the bow… And me, the captain, was standing on the bridge deck, happy to have steered my Hispaniola  to the Treasure Island.

So much can the nettles do more than fifty years after.

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