2013-09-29DSC03857My wife is now visiting our relatives in another town and I’m staying “home alone.” That involves some additional duties about the house for me, like shopping, washing, ironing, etc. However, I’m not complaining. I know how to cope: a “soldier’s life” – that’s what I call it. Besides, before her departure my wife filled the fridge with all kinds of victuals for her “dear hubby”, so I’m sure to get through the hard times. No problem with my survival.

Tonight, while drinking tea, I remembered that in the pantry there were some canned cherries which could go well with the tea (home canning is traditional in our family). I went to the pantry, picked up a jar with what I guessed were the cherries and brought the booty into the kitchen. On the lid of the jar, in my wife’s hand, there was written: “Cherries without stones – for rohalyks.” (a “rohalyk” is a small horn-like bun, similar to a French croissant, or an Italian cornetto).2013-09-29DSC03856

I took the jar with “stone-less” cherries back to the pantry and returned to the kitchen table to continue drinking unsweetened tea, and thinking about how far-sighted women can be.


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