2013-11-26Yanuks-PromiseFor several months the Ukrainian media were propagandizing the benefits of the country’s association with the European Union. That was being done to such an extent that the Ukrainians had become energized with the idea of joining Europe.  Alas, the comedy is over! As it turned out, the Ukrainian president with a reputation of a jailbird had been playing nothing more than a game to raise the bids from Russia. Incidentally, his game was quite different from what the West thought it was. The West thought it was chess, but it proved to be a shell game. The thimble-rigger pulled a fast one on the EU and made a bolt to the other party — to the man in the Kremlin who feels rather smug and satisfied these days.  One European paper characterized the result of Putin’s latest engagement with the West in football terms: Putin 4, West 0 – the four scores being listed as Snowden, Syria, Armenia and Ukraine.

A different outcome could hardly have been expected: Yanukovych and Putin are a congenial company, even though Yanukovych may be afraid of Putin and Putin may despise Yanukovych.


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