The underlying idea of John Pilger’s article In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia ( published in the Guardian almost a month ago is that the U.S.A. “masterminded” the “fascist” coup in Ukraine in a geopolitical attempt to overpower Russia and reduce its influence in Eastern Europe. My impression was that the article was a translation of some Russian article from the Kremlin-controlled media. Firstly, I was surprised by the unfounded label “fascist” attached to the Ukrainian rebels. Every political movement has its extremists, but the share of the far-right element in the Ukrainian last winter’s uprising is insignificant, which was clearly demonstrated by the presidential election last May. The author echoes the Russian propaganda which implies that anybody speaking Ukrainian and opposing the ousted pro-Russian President Yanukovych is a “fascist.” On the other hand (according to the Russian agitprop), if the regime wages an undeclared war against another country by sending armed troops in there and if it explains this action by the necessity to defend the Russian-speaking people there (the historical parallel with the capture of the Sudetenland by Hitler in 1938) it can’t be fascist. To say nothing of the Goebbels-like hogwash daily poured into the minds of sympathizers with the regime, like fake videos or bogus posts on Facebook.

Secondly, the legitimately elected Yanukovych would never have been ejected from the presidential armchair by force, if he had not deceived the Ukrainian people the moment he had jumped into that chair.  He thought that the very fact of having been elected gave him the carte blanche to make a U-turn from his promises. His pre-election mottos “I will hear everyone” and “Improvement: already today” were remembered each time when the corrupted police terrorized the people in provincial towns and villages, when tax-inspectors broke into offices demanding cash from businesses (though all the taxes have been paid) and the shout “Cash down!” was nothing but a government-sanctioned robbery), when kangaroo courts could frame up charges against anybody who did not fit in (including the former premier), when the  government trumpeted about “stable” prices while, in actual fact, the prices were growing day by day, when the traffic in the capital city was stopped every morning because motorcades with the head of state were given green light for him to get to his place of work, when the history of the 20th century again started being measured by the Stalinist measuring tape, etc.

Yes, Yanukovych was elected legitimately because people believed a stronger hand was needed to put the house in order. The democracy of the voting in 2010 was also explained by the “weak hand” of then “namby-pamby” President Yushchenko.  However, the parliamentary election that followed in 2012, after two years of Yanukovych’s presidency, with its machinations and violence, was far from being free. The last straw was Yanukovych’s refusal to sign a widely publicized Association Agreement with Europe. People were simply stunned when after months of vociferous statements of the type “We are a part of Europe”, their President – without any explanation – said “No” to the Agreement. Students, the most world-oriented part of the population, were the first to demonstrate. Their protest was brutally suppressed… The Maidan – the Revolution of Dignity, as we called it – followed…

Yesterday, in his inauguration speech President Poroshenko said he was ready to sign the Agreement (“A poised pen is in my hand”). This morning I read the explanation of the Foreign Minister of France who said the European Union was not yet ready to sign the Association Agreement with Ukraine. He advised that Ukraine maintain good neighborly relations both with the EC and Russia.

Once President Reagan called the Russians “sleazy.” “Sleazy” can be not only the Russians.





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