2014-07-09Black_squareEurope’s position towards Ukraine grows increasingly treacherous. Recently Serbia followed Austria in supporting Putin’s South Stream project – the building of a pipeline for transporting gas to the West bypassing Ukraine. Incidentally, Serbia is a candidate for EU membership.  France continues training 400 Russian sailors teaching them how to operate the amphibious assault ships “Mistral.”   The French “teachers” know quite well that Putin can use the warships in the Black Sea for further aggression against Ukraine. The French ambassador to Moscow speaks about the need to restore Russia’s membership in the G8, as well as about the need to simplify the visa regime for Russians. The German Foreign Minister joins his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov urging Ukraine to negotiate with the terrorists. Both forget that back in 2006 the Russians had killed the Chechen terrorist Basayev instead of negotiating with him over tea.
A tougher and more integral anti-Russia position is occupied by the U.S.A., Canada, Poland, the Baltic States, and NATO military authorities. But a consolidated anti-Putin strategy hasn’t yet been formed. The use of the “third package” of sanctions against Russia has again been postponed indefinitely. Regrettably, the political shortsightedness prevents Western leaders from correctly assessing the intent and extent of the threat posed for Europe and the world by Putin. They don’t see 1938 through 2014, they don’t notice Neville Chamberlain in themselves, they don’t recognize Adolf Hitler behind Vladimir Putin’s mask.


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