2014-07-18Ribbentrop-MolotovThe shootdown of the Malaysian airliner brings a new factor into the development of the warfare in Ukraine. If it is proved that the plane was downed by the Russia-supported rebels (and there cannot be otherwise), the rebels will be officially re-qualified from “separatists” into “terrorists”, and Russia will hardly keep supplying them with weapons on the scale it has been doing until now. The support with the manpower, if not stopped altogether in full view of the watching world community, will have to be only secretly arranged, which will mean the considerable reduction of such support. On the other hand, I don’t think Mr. Putin will distance himself from the terrorists (who are actually the Russian “wild geese” recruited at military call-up centers right beyond the Ukrainian border) to the point of breaking away from them. The 90 percent of the Russians will “not understand him” then. Which is why, to save face, Mr. Putin may announce that Ukraine hasn’t been able to guarantee peace and security on its own territory and launch a full-scale invasion into it. I am afraid that even in this last case, the old and slow Europe will hardly rush to rescue Ukraine. There may be some back-door games between the Asiatic gas supplier and the European gas consumer followed by compromises, which will make Ukraine into a sacrificial lamb. Alas for Ukraine!2014-07-18You are a gas

(The cartoons are uploaded courtesy of Kyiv Post)


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