2014-09-21Russian protestA 1965 Soviet documentary by Mikhail Romm was known as “Common (Ordinary) Fascism” in Russia. In Britain it went under the name “Echo of the Jackboot” and in the U.S.A. —  “Triumph over Violence.” The annotated archives described the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. The author revealed the essence of the Nazi regime, described the manipulation of consciences by the totalitarian propaganda and proclaimed humanist ideas.

The part of the film which dealt with anti-fascists in

2014-09-21Russian protest-bGermany was titled “…But there was also a different Germany…” When I watched scenes of today’s anti-war demonstrations in St. Petersburg and in Moscow with thousands protesting Russia’s role in eastern Ukraine, I thought that there is a different Russia too. THANK YOU, DIFFERENT RUSSIANS!


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