2014-12-07cThere are reports about another Maidan – this time in Vynnytsia,  a provincial center of Ukraine. Behind-the-scenes maneuvering inside the local administration angered the people, some of whom had also been participants of the Maidan in Kyiv last winter. Again burning tires, clashes with the police, blood on faces, arrests.  I ask myself: why is this country destined to have its political and social issues always solved through “maidans”? Answers may be many, but one of them is: while declaring the changes, powers-that-be never dare make RADICAL changes. The approach seems to be going back to the times of Czar Alexander II who, in 1861, abolished serfdom by preserving the remnants of serfdom (the landless rural poor were again dependent on their former landlords, which caused a major uprising catalyzed by the Great War half a century later). Once I heard a joke about how some local authorities were reducing the number of traffic accidents in their city. They knew that the country with the fewest traffic problems was Great Britain. Putting on their thinking caps the authorities “understood” that it was because traffic in Britain was left-hand. They decided to introduce the British experience in their city, but only progressively: buses and taxis were allowed to go on the left side of streets but the rest of the traffic should, for some time, remain right-hand.2014-12-07

The current Ukrainian President has been in office for half a year, the current Premier – for about 9 months. Only the political façade of the country has changed: the presidential and parliamentary elections were held, which put this President and this Premier into their present-day positions. There were practically no other changes. None of those who ordered the deaths of hundreds last February have been punished or even found. Many of the “old guard” got into the new Parliament due to the old election law which could have been changed by the initiative of the acting President but which wasn’t . No opportunities have been opened for small businesses, the size of underground economy is as big as half the country’s GDP.  Education and health care are in a pathetic state, money-bags keep grabbing plots of land from municipal councils, the legal system keeps being corrupted all through… You just name it.2014-12-07b

Interestingly, pro-government media were crying “stop the thief” yesterday by attributing the disturbances in Vynnytsia to the intrigues and underhand practices of the Russian Secret Service. “Keep staying with the President, otherwise Putin will take you”, they also warned, which reminds me of “Be quiet, or the policeman will take you” – that’s what our granny used to say addressing us, mischievous urchins. The difference is that the policeman was fictitious, but Putin is real. Those in supreme command know it and they exploit it to push people around.


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