2015-03-30Russian goods-bToday my wife and I went shopping to the local supermarket. Among other things we were going to buy a mouthwash. The choice wasn’t rich, and all the available brands were practically of the same quality and served the most general purpose – being antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, reducing the microbial load in the oral cavity, etc.  The cheapest one was “Lesnoy Balsam”  (“Forest Balsam”). It was labeled with a Russian tricolor, and a tag with the words “Produced in the Russian Federation” was pinned below on the shelf. Of course, we selected another brand which didn’t have the digits 460 in the beginning of its barcode. Neither was it marked in white-blue-and-red, nor carried the caption indicating the “fraternal” country of origin. However small, that was our contribution into the struggle against the aggressor.2015-03-30Army-help

With the same feeling, we dropped a 50-hryvnia banknote into a money- box held by a volunteer at the exit of the supermarket. Money was collected for our guys in the East.


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