While jogging I often pass on my track people who walk “just for motion.” They enjoy their leisurely morning stroll which is braced with a friendly chat. I am amazed at how much can be understood from scraps of conversation you hear just for a couple of moment when you are taking them over. Only a few words, but a finished image or concept is immediately generated in your mind. You know right away what they are speaking about. Or it may be simply an amusing instant. Just as it was today:

Two men – one grey-haired, the other bald-headed. “If only Ukraine…”, — the phrase I hear already from behind. Avid TV-viewers and self-made political analysts, they probably know better than dozens of presidents or generals…

Two women past middle age. One of them is rather emotional: “I just say, ‘Whose rattle is that? Pick it up!”  Oh, these grannies! Great disciplinarians filled with love…

A young father is waking with a little son. The kid runs ahead and gets away too far from his dad. The father shouts after him: “Lev! Lev!” (“Lev” is clearly the tot’s name. As a common noun it means “a lion” in Russian :-))


I keep jogging.


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