2015-07-05A small article in today’s Ukrainian paper tells about a customer who, pulling into a drive-thru, ordered a regular coffee for herself and also paid for the coffee of the customer in the car behind her, though she didn’t know that second customer at all. When told about the gift by the coffee server, customer two, overwhelmed by gratitude, paid for the drink of another driver right behind him. The “chain of kindness” (actually, that was the title of the article) got longer and longer and remained unbroken for quite some time.

I don’t understand two things about the chain. First, how does a customer paying for the one in the car after him know what that driver is going to order? Even if the drive-thru sold only coffee, couldn’t it be that the next in the line would like to order two coffees and not one?

And second: an act of charity is done by the first person only. All the others – technically – pay each for their own coffee. The real charity would be if every customer, starting from customer two, paid for himself/herself AND bought another coffee for one of those babushkas whom we often see in underpasses at metro entrances. So much more that drive-thru restaurants are usually located near metro stations.


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