In 1969, being a very young man and a student of the pedagogical university, I was having my required teaching practice in a senior form at one of our town schools. As any student teacher I had an experienced supervisor who guided me through all the complexities of pedagogical work and a group of high school students for me to supervise. The students were rather advanced in English. I taught them from W.S. Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage”( in the original) and headed the Club for the Cheerful and Quick-Witted, which, when applied to English teaching, turned into a challenging and exciting Who-Knows-English-Better ongoing contest.

A student who stood out from the group and whom you couldn’t help noticing right away was a boy named Dawyd.  An ever smiling and kind youth, friendly and clever, with an inquisitive and proactive mind – that’s what he was.  Even his name impressed you. Among dozens of repeated Viktors, Igors, Valeras, etc. that ancient biblical name spoke volumes about his parents, their outlook and the atmosphere in the family.

After my teaching practice I ran into Dawyd a couple of times in the streets of the town, but then we ceased meeting each other. After a few years I moved to another city, Dawyd and his family had emigrated from Ukraine.

The other day I was sent a friend request on Facebook. Dawyd… The name rang a bell. Couldn’t it be 1969, school 14 (all schools in the USSR went under numbers), my W.S .Maugham-based  lessons of English and that smiling pleasant-looking guy sitting in the right row closer to the window? I accepted the request.

…We chatted for about an hour remembering the past times and the people we knew.  Dawyd lives in Germany with his mother. He’s got musical education and is a self-taught photographer. The combination of these two interests resulted in wonderful pieces of art he creates. However, my strong belief is that the secret of Dawyd’s talent lies in his deep love for his people and his passion to show how beautiful these people are.

So, watch, listen and enjoy…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q8eqA08dv4  (My Jews)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVK7Jqh3Zh8 (The Prayer)

https://plus.google.com/117458651347181219667/videos?pid=5837066680743729458&oid=117458651347181219667 (The Don Quixote Passion)


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