2015-11-11Judge-2Judge was the best trooper the West Deptford police department in New Jersey (U.S.A.) had ever had. Not every policeman could boast Judge’s career.  Within six years of the service there were 152 arrests to Judge’s credit. Thanks to him, three cars and the money to the amount of $47,000 were returned to their owners, and three criminals were disarmed right in the streets of the town in broad daylight.

Judge was a German shepherd dog. The time of his service was from 2007 till 2013. Then he was removed from the job due to problems with his teeth. He could hardly eat his food or chew his favourite toy. Last June there came a cruel diagnosis: cancer. The dog had several tumours, which brought his survival chances down to zero.

2015-11-11Judge-1A few days ago Judge was put to sleep. But not before the policemen of the New Jersey township had given their last farewell to him. The police arrived at the Swedesboro Animal Hospital, where Judge had been receiving his treatment, a few minutes before Judge and his caretaker came there. The policemen lined up and Judge passed between the two rows of his former colleagues. That was his last route (http://www.focus.de/panorama/welt/spalier-und-traenen-bewegender-abschied-fuer-einen-todkranken-polizeihund_id_4496647.html)

I believe Judge understood what was happening.


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  1. Olga Arapina Says:

    And fair appreciation. Very touching story.

  2. vitaliyb Says:

    Thanks, Olia.

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