globeMy FB friend posted the address which helps find the antipodal point of any location (the point on the other side of the Earth defined by a straight line running from the origin point, through the center of the Earth and intersecting the Earth on the other side): Just as my friend, I was a bit disappointed at first when, having whizzed through the center of the globe, I emerged in the middle of nowhere – wallowing in the waters of the South Pacific, with more than 1800 miles to New Zealand in the West, 3100 miles to Cape Froward in the Magellan Strait and 2000 miles to the Antarctic. But… all of a sudden, I saw my antipode: he was just there, at my side, dashing past me in a sailboat. He was young and strong, with little life experience but with the future in which he believed. He was being beaten by joyful winds and had friends in every corner of the planet. He knew where he was going and he knew that he would reach his destination. He cast a condescending glance at me and smiled happily. “Can’t catch me-e-e!” he shouted before his sail turned into a white spot in the blueness of the sea and sky.

Yes, he was the opposite of me. And, of course, I couldn’t catch him. He looked (and, maybe, he was) happy. But hardly happier than me, with my post-war childhood, my village school teachers (who were respected by us also because they had once been our parents’ teachers), my student years when all of us were “language addicts”, with the years when I was writing my dissertation, with the time when my wife and I were raising our two wonderful children, with my job as lecturer and, later, as translator… With everything that is now my past, but which has formed me as I am now.

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