2016-03-17 22.03.51I dreamt I lost all my English Grammar textbooks. How shall I speak English now? How shall I use the 16 tense-aspect forms of verbs in the active voice and 12 forms of the verbs in the passive voice in the Indicative Mood and then, additionally, the present and past forms of the Oblique Moods, sometimes called the Subjunctive combined with the Conditional, to say nothing of the Imperative Mood when “Let’s… “ is followed by the tag question “…shall we?” or “Do…” is followed by “…will you?”, or “I” is used with the plural of “to be” (as in “…aren’t I”)?

I woke up and started gradually coming to my senses. I thought that I wouldn’t lose my favorite English even if I lost every English book I had. Linguists took care of such cases by grouping all possible varieties of English into Broken English, Foreign English, Non-Standard English, Global English, World English. English as Lingua Franca, Pidgin English, English as a Second Language, English as a Foreign Language, Baby English, Black English, Yellow English, etc. In perspective all Englishes will converge into Pan-English. No matter how poor my English could be, it would be categorized and I would be proud that MY English belonged to a certain category, and it would have an undeniable right to exist. I’m right, ain’t I? (though I must admit some puristic nit-pickers insist that “ain’t” ain’t a word because “ain’t” ain’t in the dictionary).


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