My FB friend – a talented businessman btw – re-posted a blog originally written in Russian on I liked the observations made by the blogger and decided to translate some of them to keep my English-speaking friends in the picture about public sentiments in this country. This entry is actually the extension of my yesterday’s post.

Some judicial experts in Ukraine are now trying to condescendingly explain to us, dummies, that there is “nothing illegal in setting up an offshore company.” Is it a sin, they ask? – It is definitely no sin to keep an empty lifeboat on a ship, unless the boat has been hidden by the Captain of a ship in distress.

Is it a sin to keep one’s own financial assets in a foreign country? – It is surely no sin, unless the assets are owned by a person whose duty is to raise added capital in one’s own country.

Is it a sin to put your own valuables in a safer place (“Better safe than sorry!”)? – It is no sin at all, unless you are responsible for the safety of the financial wealth owned by your compatriots.

Is it a sin to manage your own capital reasonably – especially in the time of war? — It is no sin, unless you identify with millions of people who freely donate their last kopeck to keep up the soldiers at war.

Is it a sin to commit a slight transgression not necessarily punishable by law? – It is no sin, unless the Attorney-General is your appointee.


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