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March 8, 2018

IWDThis day has always been special for us. Today, my wife and I have remembered our high school we went to together. Also, those bunches of willow twigs with buds ready to burgeon which I regularly presented to her every year. In those days it was not so easy to buy willow twigs in the first days of March – particularly when crowds of burly men attacked baskets with early spring flowers sold by elderly ladies at street corners. I remembered the greeting cards on which I used to write laconic commonplace words of best wishes, and she remembered how thrilling it was for her read what I wrote.  And later, when we got married and had our children, the kids and I used to draw and paint some “special card” for our Mum on the eve of this day – to hand in the card to her (as a surprise) early next morning. As a rule, my wife would ask our daughter to write some poetry of her own and put it on the card.

Now our children are elsewhere, far away from their parents. However, they come to us in our memories every time I greet my wife on this day. And with them, there come feelings of quiet joy, mutual respect, love, family happiness…

I go online… Spain’s women in first ‘feminine’ strike’, ‘…gender inequality and sexual discrimination …’, ‘Iran jails woman for removing headscarf in public…’ ‘… Women stand up for the right to work in Turkey…’   ‘Actress Penelope Cruz cancelled planned public events and said she would go on “domestic” strike….I got sterilized without telling my husband…

Floods of anger, intolerance, malice…

The same day, the same name of the holiday… different holidays.

After writing the above I went to a Ukrainian site. Oops! Sorry… We are becoming civilized and modern too:

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