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January 21, 2019

I had a half-hour walk with a camera about the place where I live.

1.With three weeks into the new 2019, it may be time to throw New-Year trees into a garbage dump (in Ukraine, they are called “New Year trees” rather than “Christmas trees”). That’s what has just been done. Farewell, holidays! Ave, festivities!




2.A place which earlier was an enclosed dump has been turned into a coffee-house. The entrepreneur has got a real business acumen. Well done, entrepreneur!







3.The announcement about a celebration of Epiphany Day. People start gathering at an ice-hole of the nearby lake at 8:45 AM. The ice-hole, as well as the water brought by people in bottles, is to be consecrated at 10:00 AM. Whereupon those who want to have a dip in the ice-hole may do it. Finally, participants are going to be treated to hot tea and booblyki (soft ring-shaped rolls). It’s emphasized that the consecration will be done by a pastor of a newly independent Ukrainian Orthodox church.


4.The picture of the aforementioned ice-hole. It was a very busy place yesterday.







5.Meanwhile, children are sliding down the sloping banks of the lake. A freewheeling anarchy of trashcan lid-style sledding – that’s the name of the fun in advertisements. Incidentally, they are no sleds nowadays, they are Paricon Flying Saucers…




6.Senior citizens poke their memories remembering the times when they were just “sledding”…











7.While their children crawl up and tumble down the hills, the parents are barbecuing.








8.“The summer is coming! Get ready!” The local fitness club is advertising its services.








9.Until not long ago, this was an office of a Russian-based bank. Now the premises are for sale.







10.A nook at the very entrance door to our block of flats. A 91-year-old lady, who knew everybody in our 16-floor building, used to sit here for a couple of hours every day when the weather was warmer. Spring is near at hand. We look forward to seeing you back on board, Antonina Andreevna!

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