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January 15, 2017

2017-01-15bow-bowTrying to make it easier for learners of English to remember the pronunciation of some words having the root element “bow” (which may be pronounced  as [ou] and [au]), I have just made up a mnemonic text illustrating it with two pictures. The words related to the left picture are pronounced with the diphthong [ou], while the text on the right contains the words with [au]. Hopefully, it’ll help those who may be confused about the “bows”  🙂 

[OU] A bow-legged bowman with a bow in his hands and another bow round his neck laid down his fiddle and bow and drew his bow (which was in his hands) aiming at …

[AU] …a bowman in a scow who sat in the bow and bowed hard trouncing the cowfish with a towel and shouting “Wow!”

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