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August 4, 2017

2017-08-04think-outside-the-boxI love buzzwords. They are different from vogue words because buzzwords are not “modish,” they are comparatively stable. They undergo changes after a certain period, all right. Any aspect of a language is changeable. But, being INDISPENSABLE for communication among professionals, buzzwords are TREASURED and CHERISHED by their users. Professionals are proud to put this instrument into operation. In fact, that’s what buzzwords are sometimes called: professional jargon. Whenever a specialist uses a buzzword, the point under discussion “is brought into limelight”  and the speaker is immediately understood by colleagues or partners.  

I have reconstructed a typical talk made by an international vendor who comes to a partner company (in Ukraine!) to explain their business strategy of “going forward” (as a buzzword, “going forward” means “in/for the future”). During my twenty-plus years of being employed by a big IT-distributor, I have translated hundreds of such talks. Of course, a real talk is not so stuffed with professionalisms. They are assembled here as a “demo material.”


Let me touch base with you and put you in the picture as regards the latest developments. We are in the black by the end of Q4, we met our FY targets and we continue to grow organically. Some proactive measures brought to the table by our new management were really helpful. Incidentally, there were a few other options but we understood that at the end of the day we’ll be facing a serious challenge, so the only way out was to diversify our business – to stand on more than one leg, so to speak. Here’s our roadmap. The new targets clearly show that we are going to push the envelope further. Of course, those are only ballpark figures, you can never tell with a long-term forecast.

Taking a holistic view of the situation (New Normal, at last!), I hope the country’s economy will stay robust and we’ll restart with far more business leverage than we have ever dreamed of.

Please, don’t be surprised: our factory is going to discontinue with LXW-2 starting early April (noise). I know, I know… The product sells well, and you keep earning…, but LXW-2 is the thing of the past. We must think outside the box. Let me unpack the statement: the new LXW-3 will introduce a new paradigm to our trade. It’ll be a sea change. The margin is going to double. I understand, it heavy lifting, but if we step down, we’ll go bust with our outdated products frozen on shelves. Let’s think about the wellness of our business, as it’ll be in a year or two. Believe me, if the promotion is adequate (and we are going to send you all of the demo models, so it’ll be a synergetic effort), we’ll gain mindshare with media and consumers within a month or two. It’ll empower our business. As for LXW-2, we have worked out an exit strategy to cushion the negative impact. Should there be any LXW-2s left in stock, we’ll set off the loss. So, it’s right in our wheelhouse! Take courage!

Explanation of buzzwords:

Touch base with = to talk briefly about…; to put in the picture = to inform; to be in the black = to have profit; Q4 = quarter 4; FY target = plan to be achieved by the end of the financial year; organic growth = expansion of business by increased output, customer-based expansion, new product development, as opposed to mergers and acquisitions, which is inorganic growth; to bring to the table = to provide smth that will be a benefit; at the end of the day = ultimately; to stand on two legs = to manufacture (or to trade in) two different kinds of products; a roadmap = a plan; to push the envelope = to exceed the existing limit or restrictions of an activity; ballpark figures = approximate figures; a forecast = estimation of what targets can be achieved (based on analysis of data); to take a holistic view (approach) = to view things globally rather than to go into detail and analyze each part separately; New Normal = improved conditions for business after the recession of 2008-2012; robust = healthy; leverage = magnifying, expansion; discontinue = to stop manufacturing; to think outside the box = to have an unusual approach to a logical thinking structure; to unpack (a statement) = to explain; a paradigm = style, character of…; a sea change = radical change; a margin = net profit; heavy lifting = difficult and serious work; go bust = go bankrupt; frozen on shelves = not sold; wellness (of business) = health; demo models = demonstration models (usually supplied for free or at a discount); synergy = cooperation that creates an enhanced combined effect; a mindshare = customers’ awareness of a product or a product line; to empower = to make more independent and immune against possible economic turmoil; an exit strategy = a set of measures to minimize a negative impact; to cushion = to soften; in stock = available for sale, on hand; to set off = to compensate for…; to be in one’s wheelhouse = to be in line with one’s interests, abilities, striking power.


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