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October 19, 2012

When asked what one can do to promote world peace, Mother Teresa answered: “Go home and love your family.” I remembered this quote when I came across a memo I had written for my son who was leaving his parents’ home in August 1991 to do his university studies in another city. In that note I had advised him on what I thought should be his first steps in the big city and at a university which was rightly considered to be one of the best schools in the country.

Attending all lectures… Books in which notes of professors’ lectures are taken should have enough space for your own commentaries… Regular work at the library… One day of the week should be set free for arranging personal matters (“to wash things, think a thought, write a letter”)… Healthy meals…Sports every day… English every day… Signing up for the Students’ Research Society…

Those were the words of recommendation – not instruction or command. Sooner or later, our children took in their parents’ advice and made it an integral part of their attitudes. It had been like that all the years when they lived with us.

How does it relate to world peace? Our son and daughter are now living and working in different parts of the world. As university professors they meet a lot of people (especially young people), who are open to what is good in this world. And I’m sure that both Bogdan and Yasya – through the values they built up in their parents’ home – are contributing to the atmosphere of responsibility, search for knowledge, high standards, honest work, perfectionism… And also positiveness of approach, mutual understanding, respect, trust… Not the last things to secure peace in this world.


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