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September 10, 2015

2015-09-10Kim DavisWhen I woke up this morning the sky was dark and “Turkish”: in the east the crescent of the old moon was hanging right over a very bright star, which, as Google told me later, was the planet Venus. I grabbed a camera and, still drowsy, snapped a picture of the Moon and Venus’s rendezvous. Incidentally, in Ukrainian and German(my second foreign language) the Moon  is the masculine gender and Venus – the feminine, which fits my conservative views of who should meet whom in so small hours of the day.

Yes, my views are becoming more and more conservative. It seems that in present day journalese this word acquires the meaning of “old-fashioned”, “outdated”, “deteriorated“, “retrogressive”, “bigoted,” etc. A clerk from Kentucky (U.S.A.) – a Christian “conservative” – refused to issue a marriage certificate to a same-sex couple. The to-be-married bride and groom (their names are given, but I’m not sure who is which) sued Kim Davis asking the judge to punish her. Instead of fining the clerk, as the plaintiffs sought, Judge Bunning went beyond that and jailed Ms. Davis. As I understand, there are no definite prescriptions of incarceration terms for such cases and Ms. Davis can be staying in prison as long as the judge decides – probably until she “repents.”

Ms. Davis could have done differently – just as her colleagues did (“I don’t want to, but I will follow the law”, another lawyer, who is also a preacher’s daughter, said). But that would have run against her moral principles, against her conscience. So, she made her choice.

I am not in the least interested in the casuistic macramé the American judiciary is webbing at the moment. I only see this little great Christian on a witness stand and hear her voice when she, being asked whether she approved of same-sex marriage, replies – with courage in her heart and tears in her voice, “It’s not of God.”

That’s how things work in America. In Ukraine we throw grenades. If I weren’t a Christian, I would be on the side of Ukraine.


December 1, 2009

Of late the city “marshrutkas” (shuttle-buses) are allowed to take in and let out passengers only at designated stops, which are also the stops for other city transport – buses and trolleybuses. Earlier you could wave to the marshrutka driver at any place on the road and he would stop and pick you up no matter where you were. Or, while in the marshrutka, you could “order” your stop for getting off by naming some landmark on the route: “At the crossroads, please”, “Just round the corner”, etc.

Yesterday I heard a lady in the back of the marshrutka shouting to the driver the name of an “unofficial” place where she would like to get out. When the driver disregarded her plea, which was both a request and a command, the lady got really angry. To my remark that the driver has no right to stop anywhere, but only at fixed places, the lady retorted indignantly: “Others have the right and he hasn’t!”

That is the beginning of all our problems, I thought. We are growing indignant over the law being broken by our politicians, by their going scott-free from crimes committed, by unjust trials, by pervasive corruption. But it looks that law-abidance, like charity, begins at home too.

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