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October 20, 2012

Of late there have appeared many such booths in Kyiv. Their supply is stimulated by the ever growing demand for them. In the country, which is deprived of hope, hope is smoldering in people’s hearts. This is the hope of Buratinos (Buratino is an alias of  Pinocchio from Carlo Collodi’s play “Adventures of Pinocchio”). In his time, Buratino buried five coins in the ground, and patiently waited over them until a “money tree” would grow in the City of Fools. The masked Cat and Fox, who were after Buratino’s money, cut short his anticipation of the sweet future.

Some ten minutes before I took a picture of this elderly lady, I saw her at a neighboring bottle-collection center when I was going to a newspaper kiosk to buy my traditional set of weeklies. I pitied the lady at that moment: she had managed to collect a few dozens of empty bottles. Each bottle cost 15 kopecks and the collection center.

On my way back home with a bunch of weeklies in my hand  I saw the same old lady and her “kravchuchka” (hand-made cart) again. The lady was buying…  a lottery ticket! 

Cat Basilio and Fox Alice know the psychology of the Ukrainian Pinocchio. 


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