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October 25, 2012

Today my wife and I talked with our daughter on skype. The last few days she had been busy setting an exam in economics for her students, and today the exam was given. When asked how the students had written the exam, Yasya shrugged her shoulders: it’s too early to say before the papers are checked. I remembered a story about a professor who told his philosophy class to prove – applying their knowledge of the subject – that the chair which was standing in the classroom right before them DID NOT actually exist. The students wrote for about two hours trying to deny the reality, but the winner was a student who had written only two sentences: “What chair? Don’t see any.”

My humorous advice to Yasya was to recognize the answer “An exam? What sort of exam?” (should this kind of answer appear) as the MOST ORIGINAL (if not the best) examination paper.


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