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From Pocket School after Felix Krivin

January 24, 2016

2016-01-24frosted windowWARMTH

It’s cold outside and the window panes are frosting up. Now they have turned quite white and you can see nothing through them. But give them a warm breath and they will open so many amazing things for you!

And you will be stunned by how much they can hold– these little frosted panes.

2016-01-24Toy BlocksCENTER OF MASS

Toy blocks are used to make all sorts of structures. You just start putting one block upon another and you’ll get a tower. It’s no more than a toy tower. However, the blocks are very earnest about their work. For them it’s not a play, but serious work.

It would be interesting to know what the toy blocks are thinking about while building the tower. And they think about quite different things. The block at the bottom thinks of how to keep the tower up. The block on top thinks about how to keep balance and not to fall down.

That is why if you remove the toy block on top, the tower won’t particularly change. But …if you take away the block at the bottom…

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